"T-Star" (Russia)

Аddress: Moscow, Russia,
electrode travel st., 8A, Office 26.

Tel.: +7 (495) 926-73-57          
         +7 (925) 711-00-01          
         +7 (926) 779-79-59

Fax: +7 (499) 926-73-57


E-mail: info@t-star2008.ru


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Welcome to the website of T-STAR!


"Trading House T-Star" - actively developing enterprise in the packing market. We work by a principle "Quality is our life, our strategy", also "Good process is a good result."


"Trading House T-Star" is composed of classified specialists: designers, technologists and Constructors. They are developing packing projects, are engaged in manufacturing layouts and design.


Production of packing individual order. Often arises a situation in which standard solutions do not satisfy your requirements. We are ready to meet your requirements create a exactly what you need. To do this you only necessary articulate their wishes.



In the development and design of packing, you need to think a lot of details - presentable, unique design, ease of use, steadiness to mechanical damage and much more. Manufacture of products that meet all of these requirements, the strength is not all to companies specializing in manufacture of tin packing. Taking into account our experience and ability to work says that with the tasks assigned we are perfectly cope.


The scheme of work:

- You provide starting materials in the form of a sample file, or simply wishes;

- On the basis of materials provided by you, we will develop a new construction and design;

- We shall make layout and a sample for approval;

- Manufacture products by checking each operation;

- Check the manufactured products and deliver to your warehouse;